Kejriwal defends spend on ads, says could have done more had Centre not created India-Pakistan like situation”


Delhi chief minister, Arvind Kejriwal, is holding his first ever interactive session, TalkToAK.

The move, intended to reach out to people across the country, comes at a time when Mr Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party is gearing up for Assembly elections in a number of states including Goa, Punjab and Gujarat.

In an answer to on e question on ad expenditure, Kejriwal said that had the Modi government not created India-Pakistan situation, he would spent more money on advertisements.

You can watch the the session live here!

He said, “Not 536 crore, we have spent Rs. 75 crore on ads in the entire last one year. If they had not created this India-Pakistan-like situation in Delhi, we could have done four times more.”

This was in response to a question from a person, who asked, “At one end you say Modi ji is not letting you work, but you put crores of ads to say what you are doing in Delhi?”

Kejriwal further added, “Because the whole the country wants to know what is happening in Delhi. Look at the coverage of TV channels – they also focus on Delhi. When so much work is happening in Delhi, should I not tell people to come and invest, engage in Delhi?”

Kejriwal government has come under immense scrutiny for splashing tax payers money on newspaper, TV and FM radio advertisements. Critics say that his action is a sharp departure from the AAP leader’s pass successes in reaching out to people through direct contact.

In response to question on Gujarat, Kejriwal alleged that there was a culture of oppression in the BJP-ruled state.

He said, “I went to Gujarat on invitation of traders from Surat, but Gujarat government threatened the traders. There is a culture of oppression in Gujarat, they told me many of them have been charged with sedition. As far as AAP contesting is concerned, it is not AAP but it is people who fight, if they decide to, we are with them.”


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