JNU scholar from Manipur died due to overconsumption of alcohol: Police


The Manipuri student, who was found dead in his hostel room in Jawaharlal Nehru University, reportedly died due to over consumption of alcohol, police said on Wednesday.


The deceased identified as J R Philemon, was found dead in his room in the Brahmaputra Hostel yesterday.

The autopsy was conducted today, it looks that he died due to overconsumption of liquor, said a senior police officer.

There were no external injury marks on his body, he added.

“Philemon was addicted to alcohol. It looks as if he collapsed after consuming alcohol and died,” said the officer. During the inspection of his room by the crime team, alcohol bottles and some medicines were recovered, police said.
The inspection of the room by police was conducted in front of senior JNU officials and the students, added the officer.

Philemon was pursuing his PhD on the subject of West Asia and he hadn’t been seen by other students for a few days.

When a foul smell started emanating from the room, the student in the neighbouring room called other students and security and forcefully opened door. He was found dead in the room.

(With inputs from PTI)


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