Income Tax department claims to unearth ‘unaccounted wealth’ worth 130 crores from AAP MLA


Tax officials on Tuesday claimed that property dealer and AAP MLA Kartar Singh Tanwar, whose house was raided by the Income Tax officials in July, holds ‘unaccounted wealth’ worth 130 crores.

According to PTI, the IT department searched the Chhatarpur MLA’s house meticulously, and did not even spare a pile of buffalo dung.

The raid disclosed that Tanwar set up fake companies and shell companies, and owned benami properties in NCR.

He was also unable to explain how he was able to pay for the 2.6 acre farm house in South Delhi that he was living in.

The Income Tax department on 27 July had conducted searches on the premises of AAP MLA Kartar Singh Tanwar on charges of alleged tax evasion, drawing angry reaction from Aam Admi Party which accused the Modi government of targeting its MLAs out of political vendetta.

IT officials said the searches are being carried out on at least three premises of the Chhatarpur MLA in the national capital by teams having 40 income tax and police officials.

When his residence was raided, the party rallied to his defence, claiming that he was being politically targeted on behalf of a ‘vindictive central government’.

Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia had said, “Modiji, you deploy the CBI, Delhi Police, IB, ED and Income Tax, but we will keep doing our work.”


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