Demonetisation: Govt move failed as not one rich man was hit, says Digvijaya Singh


Senior Congress leader Digvijaya Singh Wednesday said the reason given by the NDA government for demonetisation had “fallen flat” as the decision did not affect the rich people at all.

Digvijaya Singh

Calling the move one of the “most unwise, ill-prepared decision any government could take”, Singh said the ruling party showed a total lack of understanding as to what a huge misery the decision to scrap 86 per cent of the currency in circulation would cause in a cash-based economy like India.

“The reason for demonetisation has fallen flat. Now they are putting it into different moulds. I did not see a single face of a rich man or anyone in corporate sector in the queue (at banks/ATMs) for currency,” Singh told reporters here.

“What we saw was faces of the people who by any stretch of imagination cannot be holding black money. Today, Rs 500 note is paid to the labourer as weekly payment. For one week, they went without food because they did not have currency,” he claimed.

(With inputs from PTI)


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