‘PM Modi’s direction to BJP MPs, MLAs on bank transactions a farce’: AAP


The Aam Aadmi Party on Tuesday termed as “farce” Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s direction to BJP functionaries to submit details of bank transactions made between 8 November and 31 December to Amit Shah, saying the disclosures should be made public and transactions six months prior to announcement of demonetisation need to be examined.

bank transactions
The party alleged BJP leaders were “aware” of demonetisation much before 8 November and had “settled their unaccounted cash” by the time Modi made the announcement.

Addressing a press conference, senior AAP leader Ashutosh also questioned Shah’s authority in this regard, saying the details should rather be given to the Income Tax department.

“He (Modi) is a very good event manager. It is a farce.

“What authority does Amit Shah hold? IT department should be given the details. The disclosures should be made public,” he said.

“BJP leaders had all the information before 8 November itself. The real picture will come to light if their transactions six months prior to 8 November are looked into,” Ashutosh told reporters.

He said the Prime Minister’s direction to BJP MPs and MLAs to submit their bank account statements of transaction to Shah was “another drama” meant to “hoodwink” the public, who are in “distress” due to demonetisation.

He also dared the BJP to disclose the source of “80 per cent of its funding”, which he claimed was unknown.

BJP should also answer as to why it is “opposed” to coming under the RTI Act, he said.

AAP’s Delhi Convener Dilip Pandey said proposed amendment to the tax law “turns demonetisation into another voluntary disclosure scheme”.

He said the situation on the ground would turn worse once money reaches the accounts of the salaried class in the beginning of next month.

“I don’t know why the government is trying to hide the real picture. The fact is government is short of cash. Nothing has normalised on ground. The proposed amendment to the tax law turns demonetisation into another voluntary disclosure scheme,” Pandey said.


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