AAP government has delivered despite limited powers, says Kejriwal


Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal today said that despite having “limited powers” and “hurdles” created by the Centre, the AAP government has been able to deliver on several fronts which are being lauded across the world.

Addressing a gathering at a function in Delhi to celebrate Independence Day, Kejriwal said in the last one-and-a-half years, his government has “prepared” the people of Delhi by educating them besides making them healthy and giving skills.

He said that that despite having limited powers, they will make Delhi prosperous.

“It is people who are instrumental in the growth of a country and not any government. The government’s responsibility is to make people prepare.

“We are taking historic decision in education and health sectors. 11000 government schools have been constructed in last 65 years, but in last one year, we have constructed 8,000 new classrooms which amounts to 200 new schools.

“Several private schools increase fee arbitrarily following which parents were sad. Previous governments did not stop them (private schools) as their ministers were in their pockets because they got admission of children of theirs, relatives admission in these schools.

“But in our government’s rule, I and ministers have not recommended admission of any children to any private school so far,” he said.

The Delhi Chief Minister also said that even his son goes to Noida for schooling, adding “As being the Chief Minister of Delhi, I can easily get admission of my son in any private school in Delhi.

“I know if I do the same, I will not have the courage to prevent this school from increasing fee. This year, we have not allowed any school to increase school in Delhi.”

He said that first ever parent-teachers meeting in government schools had great results, adding that teachers, parents share beautiful experiences

Lauding his government’s works in health sector, Kejriwal said Delhi is the only state where entire treatment in government hospitals, including medicines and tests, comes for free.

“In the last one-and-a-half year, we have built 100 mohalla clinics. We have a target of constructing 1,000 such clinics by December this year. Delhi government has also done well in the health sector,” he said.


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