Delhi High Court refuses to stay Delhi govt’s inquiry into DDCA mess


The Delhi High Court on Friday refused to stop a one-man Commission of Inquiry into the DDCA affairs, initiated by the Arvind Kejriwal’s Delhi government.

The court fixed the next hearing on 27 January.

Soon after the court refused to stay the inquiry, Delhi chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal tweeted: “DDCA enquiry Commission will continue to function.”

Kejriwal instituted the inquiry based on a letter his government received from the central government (read ministry of sports) that had called upon the Delhi government “to get an investigation into the irregularities of the DDCA done”.

The Delhi government chose former Solicitor-General of India Gopal Subramanium for the inquiry and Kejriwal says the inquiry is underway.

In addition to this letter from the sports ministry, several prominent international cricketers based in Delhi, like Bishan Singh Bedi, have met Kejriwal and complained to him about the alleged different forms of corruption taking place in Delhi and District Cricket Association.

BJP MP and former India player Kirti Azad was the first to take up the crusade vigorously several years ago. He says he has also apprised Union Minister Arun Jaitley, who was DDCA president from 1999 to 2013, and wrote around 200 letters to him on the subject of corruption and malpractices in the DDCA.

Azad, who was suspended from the BJP last month for anti-party activities, has said he would appear before the Commission of Inquiry, if called.

“If they call me, I will definitely go. It is not a big thing. It is a government commission, not a private commission. It is set up in accordance with the rules and if I am called them I will definitely go,” Azad has said.

After accepting the task, Gopal Subramanium sought from the Union Home Ministry the services of “five of the best officers” each drawn from the Information Bureau, CBI, and Delhi Police so that he could constitute a Special Investigation Team that would assist him.

In his letter to National Security Adviser Ajit Doval, Subramanium requested him to “shortlist” and send to him dossiers of “five of the best officers” each from IB, CBI, and Delhi Police, from which he intends to pick his investigating team.

Subramanium has separately written to Kejriwal, seeking names of five “outstanding investigative officers” from the Delhi Anti-Corruption Bureau.

The Union Home Ministry, however, has said that the Delhi government inquiry was illegal.

Reacting to the Union Home Ministry’s decision, Aam Aadmi Party leader Ashutosh said on 8 January, “It was highly apprehensive as the whistle blower had clearly stated in his submissions that union minister Shri Arun Jaitley have assured the DDCA functionaries that he can influence to stall any probable inquiry into the financial scam. The move of the Central government to oppose the free and fair inquiry to bring out the original culprits in the cricket management in Delhi further proves the apprehension.”


  1. High Court’s decision is in accordance with the high traditions of impartiality and taking decisions without fear or favour. MHA through Delhi LG is known to be hostile to Delhi Govt.

  2. How shocking!!! The national Govt is obstructing an inquiry which it itself directed to Delhi Govt to conduct. Has it become so very evident that top BJP leaders are seriously involved in the scam, hence the party & the Govt are trying to shield them. For personal & party gains at the cost of National loss!!! And “We the People” have entrusted out beloved nation to them.


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