Delhi HC sends notice to AAP government over removal of management quotas


Delhi High Court on Monday issued notice to Arvind Kejriwal led government in the capital over its decision to remove management quotas from private schools in nursery admissions.

The court also told the government that if it had improved the standards of government schools, then there wouldn’t be any rush for admissions in private schools.

Private schools had moved the HC against the government’s decision to remove management quotas arguing that it violated the earlier order passed by the High Court.

The lawyer representing private schools conceded that some schools may have created categories for smoking and non-vegetarian families but they were in minority.

The Delhi government’s order announced by Kejriwal earlier this month was a replica of the one passed by the Lieutenant Governor Najeeb Jung in 2013. While delivering judgement on the LG’s order, the HC had ruled that ‘private and unaided schools can decide their own criteria.’

Ganguly committee too had recommended the need to maintain the autonomy of private schools to promote ‘quality education in future.’

Delhi government, for its part, claims that the private schools often misuse the management quotas.

The next hearing of this case has been scheduled for 28 January. But the court said that the private schools can continue its existing admission procedure until it had delivered a final judgement on this case.


  1. Education in Private Schools of India have adopted ENGLISH ONLY based education system. It is the prescription of Macaulay- whose objective was to “Break the backbone of Indians through an education system that will train Indians to become Englishmen in their thoughts, will and concept” This education will delink Indians from India. Any one who has eyes can see that after 65 years of “Transfer of Power” Macaulay is still alive and kicking. This education system has bred educated class that are not able to express their thoughts and concepts either in English or in their mother tongue. The diabolical plot of “Only English” brand of education- has spawned a breed of Western poodles who are psychologically fit to scavenge on left overs of the west. Their press has developed a concept of beauty that has little in common with India and Indians but far closer to white, blue and blond. Their food, clothe, vocabulary, movements, behavior, gestures and beliefs are imitation of Western left overs. No wonder that Narayan Murthy of Infosys observed that India has not made any new contribution in the last 68 years. There will be no new contribution in another hundred years since this education system is designed to imitate not create. No western society will ever tolerate- even for a day- that their high court is advocating a slavish education system. Indians in favor of such slavish education system – Including HC- should realize that in the eyes of their Western masters they are no more respectable than a poodle. AAP must realize who and where the national enemies are.

  2. What a logic by HC !! All schools and colleges have to give undertaking and affidavit before they are given No objection certificate to open that they will abide by all terms and conditions set by edu dept of govt.Under which provision of edu law do they get ‘management’ quota ? What is management quota ? Just like a any company which gets permission to operate in India under all the applicable rules provided it agrees to abide by rules.

  3. Floating fake not for profit companies and then getting all tax benefits is favourite method of loot in India.All schools run by cong bjp netas are feeling the heat.If AAP keeps its case properly against this case there is nothing that can make these corrupt schools win.


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