Delhi govt issues parking rules for Odd-Even Formula trial period


The transport department of the Delhi government on Wednesday spelled out parking stipulations for vehicles during the 15-day trial period of the Odd-Even Formula to regulate traffic and reduce pollution. The trial begins on 1 January.

The Department of Transport issued orders prohibiting the parking of odd-numbered non-transport four-wheel vehicles (motor cars etc.) on even dates and even-numbered non-transport four-wheel vehicles on odd days from January 1 to 15.

The odd numbered non-transport four-wheel vehicles would be allowed to park only on odd dates and similarly, the even numbered non-transport four-wheel vehicles would be allowed to park on even dates only, said a statement.

“With a view to implement the aforementioned [rules], it has been advised that entry and/or exit of vehicles to all parking lots, either for use of general public or for staff, may be prohibited based on the restrictions imposed for the period, January 1-15,” it said.

A notification to this has been sent to DDA, NDMC, North MCD, South MCD, East MCD, PWD, DMRC, CEO Delhi Cantonment, Divisional Commissioner (With a request to apprise all DMs/SDMs), Spl. Commissioner Traffic, Special Commissioner (Enforcement) Transport Department, Special Commissioner (Planning) Transport Department and Joint Commissioner (Operations) Transport Department.


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