Delhi govt to introduce nursery classes in Sarvodaya schools


The Delhi government is planning to introduce nursery and pre-primary classes in all 447 Sarvodaya schools under the Directorate of Education.

Delhi govt
Photo courtesy: hindustan times

“There are 447 Sarvodaya schools under the Directorate of Education (DoE), out of which KG (pre-primary) class is being run in 404 schools. The department proposes to introduce nursery class in these schools and start KG class in the schools where the same is not at present run,” as per an official document.

Saumya Gupta, Director DoE, has issued directions to the officials to identify schools where these classes can be started and has asked them to give specific reasons for those schools where these classes are not recommended for starting.

“After identifying the schools, estimates should be obtained from executing agencies (PWD/DTTDC/DSIIDC) for renovation, restructuring and refurbishing of classrooms for Nursery/KG sections as per requirements prepared in consultation with SCERT,” the document reads.

“The Planning Branch to process file for increasing the norms of financial grant given for starting pre-primary classes from the present Rs 1 lakh to a practical amount commensurate with actual requirements.

“Duties and responsibilities of both the teachers of each Nursery and KG class should be clearly prescribed to ensure proper utilisation of the teaching staff,” it added.

DoE has directed that the proper functioning of primary sections should be monitored and an in-charge should be designated with clearly defined duties and responsibilities.


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