Delhi govt embarks on launching its own TV channel?


Delhi government has set the wheels in motion to launch what appears to be its own TV channel.

An advertisement has been put up on the Delhi assembly website seeking applications for the role of a consultant, who will help set up the ‘independent TV channel.’

tv project

The advertisement says, “The Delhi Assembly proposes to set up an independent television channel. For this purpose applications are invited for the position of Consultant (Television Project) on purely contractual basis from professionals fulfilling the eligibility conditions for the position for an initial period of three months extendable to a maximum period of six months subject to exigencies.”

Aam Aadmi Party, which won a historic mandate in February last year, has always complained about the alleged biased coverage in the Indian media against it.

A senior government official said that the new channel will be run by the assembly and not the government.

He said, “It will be wrong to say that the government is launching the channel. The new channel will be run in the same way as the Lok Sabh and Rajya Sabha channels do.”

However, the proposal is unlikely to get a go ahead by the telecom regulatory authority TRAI, which bars the union or the state government from owning a TV channel.

According to TRAI recommendations –made first in 2008 and revised in 2012–prevent government (both central and state) entities from entering the TV broadcasting and cable distribution business.

Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha TV channels were set up years before the TRAI recommendations came in place.

A state government source said that the job descriptions were formulated by the media cell of the Delhi government, whose media team includes former journalists from reputed news organisations such as the BBC, ABP and TV Today Network.

Here’s the link to the job description:



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