Delhi government, Uttarakhand Police deny ban on Azan after huge confusion on social media on Ramadan eve


The Delhi government and the Uttarakhand Police have denied the reports of a ban on Azan, Muslim call for prayers, after several reports and a video caused huge confusion on social media platforms.

ban on Azan
Delhi’s Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia took to Twitter to deny claims of Azan ban in the national capital on the eve of Ramadan. He wrote, “There is no ban on Azan. There’s a complete ban on congregation of people for namaaz in mosques or puja in other religious places during the lockdown.”

This was after a video of two Delhi Police cops directing a mosque in the national capital to stop azan went viral. In the video, the cops were heard saying that the Delhi Lieutenant Governor had ordered a ban on Azan, triggering angry reactions from Muslims.

This prompted Sisodia to issue urgent clarification.

Similar claims were made about Uttarakhand after several media reports claimed that the BJP government in the hilly state had banned Azan. However, DGP, Law and Order, Ashok Kumar, issued a clarification stating that there was no ban on Azan and Muslims will continue to use loudspeakers, albeit at low volume.


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