Delhi government provides security to murdered dentist’s family


Delhi government on Saturday announced it was providing security to the family of the dentist, who was brutally murdered of a group of goons in West Delhi last week.

Delhi chief minister, Arvind Kejriwal said, “Friends and neighbours of Dr Narang met me today and requested police protection for family and police patrolling in area. I spoke to LG, who immediately agreed. They also advised me to visit the family after a few days as family was in shock right now.”

40-year-old Dr Pankaj Narang was dragged out of his house on Tuesday night by a group of criminals from nearby slum before being brutally killed.

Dr Narag’s death has caused huge outrage on social media.

There were attempts to give the tragic incident a communal colour, but a prompt intervention by Delhi police ‘thwarted these attempts.’

Kejriwal, on Saturday, had praised the city cops for its good work.

He had tweeted, “Proud of such police officers for bringing truth out and thwarting attempts by some people to give it communal color.”


  1. It is the Delhi Police that has provided security. Delhi government may have requested for it but it has been approved by the LG. Delhi government has only a small role in it, unlike what the headline conveys.


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