Delhi government denies it issued any circular on how to treat VVIPs


Delhi government on Monday reacted angrily to a report published in an English newspaper alleging that it had sent a circular to its staff on how to treat VVIPs.

According to an Indian Express report, Delhi government had directed its staff to ‘rise receive and see off’ public representatives such as MPs and MLAs.

The circular reportedly also included basics like ensuring proper seating arrangement at public events, not using their leverage to assert individual cases, prompt and specific response to messages left to the more specific ones.

Reacting to this report a Delhi government spokesperson told, “This is utter nonsense and we intend to raise this with the newspaper concerned. What’s been described as a Delhi government order is actually a circular from central government. This is pretty common for state governments to keep receiving such circulars from the centre and it’s also very common for the state governments to share them with their officials.”

Other pointers of the circular were as follows:

  • Officials should not ignore telephonic messages left for them by MPs and MLAs
  • Officials should not approach MPs and MLAs for sponsoring individual cases, attempting to bring in political or non-political influence
  • The public representatives should invariably be invited to public functions organised by government officials. Any deviation from the appointment made with an MP or MLA must be promptly explained to him to avoid any possible inconvenience
  • If the minister is unavailable, then the secretary would answer. While responding to MPs and MLAs, the official would see that the communication is legit. Pre-printed or cyclo-styled replies should be avoided



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