Shocking! Delhi dentist dragged out of house, beaten to death in Delhi


In a chilling incident on Wednesday night, a 40-year-old dentist was dragged out of his house in west Delhi’s Vikaspuri area before being beaten to death by a group of goons.

The goons including four minors mercilessly beat Dr Pankaj Narang with hockey sticks until he was dead.

The police has arrested five goons including four minors, all of whom are believed to be the residents of the nearby slum, not far from Dr Narang’s house.

BJP MP, Meenakashi Lekhi, tweeted naming the alleged culprits of this heinous crime, “Pravesh Verma MP visited Narangs (victim’s family), 9 accused arrested (are) Harish, Dipak, Govind+1 juveniles, Nasir, Mayser, 2 Amirs, Gopal adults.”

The killers had altercation with Dr Narang just an hour before he was brutally murdered.

Dr Narang was playing cricket with his eight-year-old son and nephew in his house while celebrating India’s victory over Bangladesh in the Twenty20 World Cup.

The ball bounced off to the road and his son went to pick it when one of the killers, Naseer, sped past the child grazing him.

According to NDTV, Dr Narang flagged him down and a heated argument followed.

Naseer then drove off, the police said, only to return about 10 minutes later with 10 people and they attacked Dr Narang. Witnesses said people who had gathered attempted to intervene, but they were thrashed too. Dr Narang died on the way to hospital.

The police said today that all the accused live in a slum just behind the dentist’s home and do casual jobs at a local market. While the men arrested are in their early twenties, the minors are between 17 and 18 years in age.

Meenakshi’s tweet went a long way in thwarting the attempts by some mischievous elements on social media, who appeared desperate to give the doctor’s brutal murder a communal angle.

The police too earned plenty of plaudits for its efforts to ensure vested interests didn’t succeed in causing communal disharmony.

A Delhi Police officer Monika Bhardwaj tweeted, “Out of 9 accused person 5 r Hindu.At the moment of first scuffle, out of 2, 1 was Hindu.The Muslim accused r residents of UP ,not Bangladesh.”

This tweet was shared by Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal, who praised Delhi police for ‘bringing truth.’

He said, “Proud of such police officers for bringing truth out and thwarting attempts by some people to give it communal color.”

But, while the officer earned widespread accolades for her ability to thwart what could have led to serious communal tension, there were some right-wing trolls who began to hurl expletives at the IPS officer.

Frustrated over the failure of their design to communalise what was just a gruesome murder of an innocent man, pro-BJP supporters resorted to the harassment of the officer.


The abuses began after right-wing twitter trolls desperately tried to give the episode a communal colour by seeking to spread a made-up story. Like this user did:


No sooner had these vitriolic messages been posted, an overwhelming majority of social media users began naming and shaming the trolls. Soon, a campaign of sorts took shape and many prominent twitter users including journalists and politicians threw their weight behind this campaign.

In the end, sanity appeared to have prevailed over the public discourse with bigots’ nefarious motive falling flat spectacularly.




      • Hindu names; some of us Bangladeshis keep Hindu names to get double Adhar card and double benefits. And Rifat Bhai is also a Bangladeshi. Following are the names
        1. Nasir – A fisher man from Sylhet
        2. Mayser – His Mom ( yes, Rifat Bhai didn’t tell that CCTV shows his Mom throwing bricks – Mom you know, mother throwing bricks)
        2. Amir – Bro of Nasir
        3. Another Amir – Cousin of Nasir
        4. The names mentioned by Rifat Bhai ( Accidentally he mentions all Hindu names first) are not reported by any other report? Rifat Jasooos hai, use sabh advance mein pata hota hai.

        And finally, There are at least 20-30 Lakh Bangladeshi people strategically placed by Congress and now we support AAP. All we want is
        Free water
        Free Electricity
        Free Homes
        Sharia law when it favors us
        Support from lawyers ( we get big lawyers, like our rapist bro got none other than Kapil Sibbal and sister Karuna Nandi – who otherwise charges 5 Lac per appearance)

  1. Thank god, it was not a Muslim doctor or else ppl like barakha dutt rajdeep sardesai wud have made it a anti modi story.
    No one will speak now.


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