Delhi court extends judicial custody of AAP MLA


Delhi’s Saket court on Monday extended judicial custody of AAP MLA Dinesh Mohaniya till 11 July.

Delhi Police arrested Aam Aadmi Party MLA, Dinesh Mohaniya, as he addressed media personnel at his office for allegedly misbehaving with women.

The cops have been widely criticised for its perceived biased action. Notable among those who criticised was the former Supreme Court judge, Justice Markandey Katju.

An FIR was lodged against the MLA, who’s also the vice-chairman of Delhi Jal Board, after locals alleged that the MLA and his supporters roughed them up and misbehaved with women in his office when they went to complain about irregular water supply.

In her complaint, the woman had said, “When we went to Dinesh Mohaniya’s office, he refused to identify me. I visit his office everyday to bring water-related issues to his notice. The most important part is that he doesn’t even sign or puts a stamp on our complaints. After that, he pushed me and other women and even abused us. We want that an FIR should be registered against him and he should be arrested.
Mohaniya said that this was an attempt to defame his reputation as the water mafia was frustrated because of the Delhi government’s crackdown.

He had also denied that the woman complainant never visited his office.

“There is no video or photographic proof to back this allegation. It is an attempt to defame me. The water mafia is now frustrated because of our crackdown,” Mohaniya said.


  1. This country is fit to be ruled by corrupts and crooks , no honest businessman or politician can survive in India

  2. Since time immemorial state power has always been used to access wealth, prestige and authority. Modern day power brokers differ little from their predecessors except they pay lip service to public interest and welfare. Once in a while a group appears in the public office that shows commitment to protect and promote people’s interest. It looks as if AAP is a group with commitment to improve conditions of common people which naturally clashes with the interest of ruling class whose aim is self-enrichment. Resistance AAP is facing, is the most natural outcome of this clash. Ruling class of India has the overt and covert support from Anglo-American west, church sponsored mainstream media, Bureaucracy of the Central Government, and of course corporate lobby. Task of AAP is to correctly assess the strength and weaknesses of the ruling class and design a strategy to win over the overwhelming majority of masses who are waiting to side with AAP but are confused by the mainstream media propaganda that is sponsored by church. The moment- AAP gains enough strength to challenge the representatives of the current ruling class in the center, all democratic practices and institutions may be suspended and AAP leadership may even be physically removed from the political scene of India. Now it is time for AAP to perform a SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, Threats) analysis and plan for the future which looks bright.


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