Delhi court discharges all accused in coal scam case


A court in Delhi on Saturday acquitted Bajrang Ispat Pvt Ltd, its director and another official in a case related to alleged scam in the allocation of the Dumri coal block in Jharkhand in 2006. The Delhi court acquitting all accused in this case assumes significance since this was deemed to be the first coal block allocation scam case since 2014.

coal scam

Special judge Bharat Parashar, according to news agency, Bajrang Ispat Pvt Ltd, its director Ramesh Kumar Aggarwal and authorised signatory Anil Jain of all the charges. The special court observed that the evidence against them was insufficient.

Appearing for the accused persons, defence lawyer DK Dubey had argued in the court that charges of cheating under Section 420 of the Indian Penal Code and criminal conspiracy under Section 120 B of the Indian Penal Code were not made out against his clients. Subsequently, the court accepted his argument and absolved everyone made accused in the case.

Bajrang Ispat Pvt Ltd was accused of having allocated the Dumri coal block in Jharkhand in 2006 but subsequently, the said company merged with another firm — TP Sao and Sons.




  1. Court ruling, proof, evidence, charge sheet, FIR, IPC, not guilty or guilty: Expected
    *Shouts SCAM SCAM SCAM and everyone believes it*: Reality
    Good one, judiciary!

  2. I don’t know why such things happen in our country. If they were innocent they shouldn’t have faced all these trails. Anyways the right decision has been made.

  3. Good to hear about the verdict. But, we should unite to avoid such things in future. There are many
    people who are serving the sentence for doing nothing.


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