Delhi cop’s son arrested after Rajnath Singh takes dim view of viral video of thrashing girl on camera


A day after Janta Ka Reporter first reported the gruesome video of a Delhi cop’s son mercilessly thrashing a girl inside a call centre, Home Minister Rajnath Singh ordered a probe.
Rajnath Singh

This was after repeated attempts to get the Delhi Police to act in the case went futile. On Friday, Singh took to Twitter to inform that he had taken the cognisance of the case and ordered the Delhi Police to act.

He wrote, “A video of a youth mercilessly thrashing a girl has been brought to my notice. I’ve spoken to the Delhi Police Commissioner about it and ordered an appropriate action in the matter.”

Moments later, the Delhi Police informed that the man had been arrested.

In the viral video, a man, identified as Rohit Singh Tomar, the son of a Delhi police officer, was seen punching, slapping and kicking in the girl’s private parts. His act was filmed by his film, believed to be one Ali.

Nobody comes to the rescue of the girl even in the midst of brutal attack by Tomar. The girl is reported to be an employee of a call centre and a friend of Tomar’s ex-girlfriend. Although there’s not much information available about the identity of the victim, whose family has refused to file a complaint for the fear of reprisal, the home minister decided to take the dim view of the matter.

According to reports, Tomar had sent the video to his ex-girlfriend to frighten her to come back to his life. His ex-girlfriend had reportedly approached the police for Tomar’s past violent behaviour but the Delhi Police had allegedly refused to act.

However, soon after the home minister’s intervention, the Delhi Police were quick to parade Tomar informing about his arrest.



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