Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal tears into PM Modi, asks “Why are you scared of Sonia Gandhi?”


Aam Aadmi Party workers on Saturday protested at Jantar Mantar against AgustaWestland VVIP chopper scam.

Speaking to his volunteers, Delhi chief minister, Arvind Kejriwal, launched stinging attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

He said, “Our prime minister has not allowed the investigation to move an inch forward. Italian court has named Sonia Gandhi, Ahmad Pate and several other Congress leaders. Narendra Modi ji doesn’t have guts to take action against them.”

Mr Prime Minister, we have elected you to take action not to leave everything at the mercy of the Italian court. Why are you so scared of Sonia Gandhi ji. Amit Shah stands and pleads before Sonia Gandhi Ji. Manohar Parrikar ji pleads before Sonia Gandhi ji. Is that why we have elected you to power?”

Drawing a parallel with how the Delhi police had swiftly acted in alleged crimes involving his legislators, Kejriwal said that Modi was scared of Congress President Sonia Gandhi.

He said, “Somnath Bharti had a family dispute with his wife. Who doesn’t have family dispute? But Somnath Bharti was jailed for five days. But, they won’t send Sonia Gandhi to jail. Our Commander Surinder, who saved many lives in 26/11 attacks by risking his life. He was jailed because he stood for a common man. He too was jailed, but Sonia Gandhi won’t be jailed. My office was raided by Narendra Modi and all they could find were four mufflers… It seems Modi ji too has now adopted Rovert Vadra.”

Kejriwal said that both the BJP and Congress had struck a deal, according to which, both parties had agreed not to talk about each other’s corruption.

He said, “That explains why Congress is silent on Modi’s degree row. It’s not a crime for a prime minister to be less educated, but Prime Minister must tell the truth before the nation.”

Kejriwal said that Modi ought to have apologised to Indians on degree row as it was clear that he had .’lied’ about his qualification.

He said, “Prime Minister must apologise to the nation for lying about his degrees. We don’t want a prime minister with MA or BA degree, we want an honest PM.”


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