Delhi Budget: Health, education get boost, Subsidy on electricity to continue


Sisodia also announced hiking of the budget allocation of municipal corporations by Rs.1,000 crore.

He said, “The budget allocation for the municipal corporations of Delhi was Rs.5,908 crore last year. It was later increased to Rs.5,999 crore. This year we have decided to increase it to Rs.6,919 crore.”

Sisodia, who also holds finance portfolios, took a dig at the BJP-run civic bodies to utilise the money properly and not leave their employees without salaries as was the case earlier this year.

On the much talked-about WiFi project, he said that his government will come up with a better plan after studying the learnings from the pilot projects.

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The government has started pilot projects for WiFi in buses, outdoor WiFi in Burari and some NDMC areas. The government would come up with an efficient WiFi system after studying the pros and cons of the pilot projects.”

Here are the highlights of today’s budget:

  • Luxury tax will be applicable on hotels charging Rs 1500 or above. This will benefit the hotel industry.
  • VAt on footwear and school bags has also been reduced to 5% from 12.5%.
  • Tax on watches in Delhi depends on the price of watch. We propose to impose 12.5% tax on all kind of watches.
  • VAT on sweets and snacks and readymade garments has been reduced from 12.5% to 5%.
  • Subsidy in electricity bill to continue, Rs 1600 crore set aside for this.
  • Rs 10 crore for tourism sector, will organise Delhi festival.
  • We will provide drinking water through pipeline in every colony by December 2017. Rs 676 crore set aside for this.
  • We have collected Rs 178 crore extra through water bill as people installed meters to get benefit of govt scheme.
  • 42000 dark spots have been identified. R 114 crore allocated to ensure proper lighting here for women safety.
  • Rs 10,690 crore is allocated for education sector.
  • We will promote sports facilities in schools. Have kept Rs 48 crore for this.
  • We will arrange advance training for teachers of govt schools. I have kept Rs 102 crore for this.
  • Rs 100 crore has been set aside for CCTV installation in schools. Will recruit teachers in this financial year.

(With inputs from Hindustan Times)


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