Delhi BJP to lodge complaint with EC against AAP


The Delhi BJP today stepped up its attack on the AAP, saying it will lodge a complaint with the Election Commission for the party’s alleged involvement in corruption cases and seek its derecognition.

AAPThe saffron party’s Delhi unit chief Manoj Tiwari, at a press conference here, alleged that there were “gross discrepancies” in the figures of donation amount shown by the AAP in its affidavits, party website, and what it has declared to the EC.

“One private news channel has done an ‘expose on the AAP’ when it comes to donations received by it. And, there is ‘huge difference in the figures shown in its affidavit and what the Arvind Kejriwal-led party has told the EC,” he alleged. “And, discrepancies exist in donation figures for both years, 2013-14 and 2014-15,” Tiwari said.

The Delhi BJP chief, read out figures, quoting from the channel’s claim. “So, in 2013-14, the AAP showed a donation amount of Rs 50.64 crore in the affidavit, Rs 19.82 crore on its party website, but to the EC it told that the figure stood at only Rs 6 crore.

“We wonder if this missing amount was routed in the corruption cases against the party that its own (sacked) Cabinet minister has highlighted,” he alleged.

“So, based on the past and this new corruption case, a delegation of the party will go and meet the chief election commissioner at 4 PM to lodge a complaint. We will also urge the EC to probe the entire accounts of the AAP. And based on the string of irregularities being exposed, we will also ask the EC to derecognise the party,” Tiwari said.


  1. Ironic that a party (BJP) which is sitting on a corpus of over Rs 2500 crores unaccounted money, is talking of corruption. Also, Arvind has shown yet again his insecurity and high need for power. He will go to any extent to retain his position in the party even at the cost of the party itself. It was a surprise to me that a popular leader like Kumar Vishwas was debarred from campaigning in Punjab because Arvind was confident of a victory there and wanted to take sole credit for the victory, which ultimately didn’t fructify, thanks to his self serving politics.


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