(Video) Delhi assembly passes Jan Lokpal Bill, Kejriwal urges PM to approve ‘strong law’


The Delhi assembly on Friday passed the Delhi Jan Lokpal Bill, 2015, which the AAP government has described as the “strongest” anti-graft legislation in the country.

The house cleared the bill with two amendments passed by the Delhi cabinet on Thursday evening after some changes were suggested by activist Anna Hazare.

“A strong law is being brought. We will go to the Centre and the prime minster and urge him that the Jan Lokpal be passed,” Delhi Chief Minster Arvind Kejriwal said in the assembly.

Attacking those who had called this bill weak, Kejriwal said that he will request PM Modi to approve this bill.

He said, “BJP says it’s a political document, yes it is a political document, we are doing honest politics. If centre doesn’t pass Jan Lokpal then ungli tedhi bhi karni padegi. Will request PM to approve our Lokpal. Spoke to Anna Hazare, he said to bring a landmark bill.

Opposition leader Vijender Gupta called the bill as “political document which was in the violation of the constitution”.

The first amendment said a seven-member panel would select two members and chairperson in the institution of Jan Lokpal.

The original bill said the panel consisting chief minister, leader of opposition, assembly speaker and Delhi High Court chief justice will select the members and chair of Jan Lokpal.

Now, the proposed new members will include another judge from the high court, any eminent personality selected the rest of the committee members and the Lokpal chairman from the next term.

The second amendment said the Jan Lokpal would be impeached only after a high court monitored probe against the ombudsman.

Both these amendments were incorporated on Thursday after the veteran anti-corruption activist Anna Hazare raised objections.

The legislation will not become law till the central government approves it.


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