#DeleteFacebook campaign reaches India, Farhan Akhtar quits Facebook


Actor-director Farhan Akhtar on Tuesday announced he had quit Facebook amidst raging controversy surrounding the safety of personal data of its users.

Farhan Akhtar

Farhan wrote, “Good morning. This is to inform you all that I have permanently deleted my personal Facebook account. However, the verified FarhanAkhtarLive page is still active.”

Farhan’s decision follows similar steps taken by several international celebrities such Elon Musk, Cher and Jim Carrey. This was triggered by an international campaign #DeleteFacebook prompting the founder of WhatsApp, a Facebook-owned entity, Brian Acton, who announced that he had deleted his Facebook account asking others to also do the same.

It was acton, who launched the campaign, #DeleteFacebook, last week after it emerged that a data gathering firm Cambridge Analytica had obtained the personal data of at least 50 million users without their consent to help political parties in elections. Key elections the company was accused to have influenced included the American Presidential polls of 2016 and Brexit referendum.

Later it also emerged that the same company had also assisted the BJP in key elections including the assembly polls of Bihar (2010), Jharkhand, Haryana and Delhi after Narendra Modi became the prime minister.

Singer Cher too is has deleted her Facebook page on the same day.


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