Deflated ball doesn’t bounce Mr Gupta, Alka Lamba to BJP leader in assembly


BJP MLAs have had quite ‘rough time’ in the assembly ever since their numbers were reduced to just three in this year’s elections.

Though the ruling Aam Aadmi Party, which has 67 out of 70 MLAs in the assembly, may have accorded the BJP the status of opposition despite it not deserving, the saffron leaders have often accused the ruling party of muzzling their voice in the House.

Vijender Gupta, the leader of opposition, has been ejected out of assembly on more than one occasion for allegedly disrupting the assembly proceedings. But, according to Gupta, he and his other two colleagues are being subjected to harassment by the ‘mighty’ AAP.

On Thursday, a desperate Gupta invoked karma by saying that AAP was indulging in arrogance.

He said, ” Today you may be on a high because you have 67 MLAs. But don’t forget the law of the nature. When you hit a ball too hard on the ground, it goes bounces back very high. You are suppressing the opposition today because of your high majority, but soon we will also bounce back.”

To which, the AAP MLA, Alka Lamba likened the BJP to a ball, which had been left deflated and had no chance of going up in the air again.

She said,”jis gend ki hawa nikaal li gayi ho woh dobaraa nahi uchalta hai (the deflated balls don’t bounce any more).”


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