Deepika Padukone’s extraordinary protest to Smriti Irani after Padmavati rangoli vandalised


Actor Deepika Padukone has registered an extraordinary protest to Union Information and Broadcasting Minister Smriti Irani after Padmavati rangoli was vandalised in Ahmedabad recently.

Deepika Padukone

In a series of Tweets, the famous actor said, “Absolutely heart breaking to see the recent attack on artist Karan and his artwork!disgusting and appalling to say the least! Who are these people? Who is responsible for their actions?”

Tagging Irani in her concluding tweet, Deepika also asked ‘for how long are we going to let this go on?’

She wrote, “For how long are we going to let this go on? allow them to take law into their own hands & attack our freedom & right to individual expression time & again!? this has to stop NOW & action must be taken!”

Deepika received instant support from prominent names in the industry who too found the vandalising of Padmavati rangoli ‘shocking.’

An artist on Tuesday alleged that a mob vandalised his rangoli on Deepika Padukone’s Padmavati after it took him 48 hours to complete the art.

Artist Karan K had taken to Twitter to break the news while tagging actor Ranveer Singh, “padmavati Rangoli Controversy! A crowd of 100 people cried JAY SRI RAM AND rubbed out my 48hrs’ intense work! Shocked!”

Four days after posters for Padmavati was released, Shri Rajput Karni Sena, an outfit by Rajput community, had burnt the posters and threatened to disrupt the film’s release. Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s period film Padmavati has Ranveer Singh, Shahid Kapoor and Deepika in lead roles.

Ranveer is playing the role of Sultan Alauddin Khilji, who invaded India in the 13th century.

The trailer of “Padmavati”, when released, was an instant hit with more than one crore views of the video on YouTube within 24 hours.

“While shooting in Jaipur, Sanjay Leela Bhansali (the director) had promised to show the film to us and historians before releasing it. But since then, no one has contacted us, nor has the film been shown to us,” Narain Singh Divrala, the district president of Karni Sena, told news agency IANS.

The mob led by Karni Sena had vandalised the sets of Padmavati in Jaipur earlier this year.





  1. Madam, this is not the end but a probing beginning with high and mighty’s blessings.So it’s going to be a long and hard fight

  2. With the advertisement annoyingly covering the area that is meant for commenting, do the people managing this space want anybody to really comment.The ads covering the space permits only blind writing.

  3. Think why there is such aggression and protest against only this movie ? When movie makers pick subjects and play around with the facts just to give it a story line according to them and glamourous these kinds of protests are expected… I totally agree and feel bad for the efforts of the artist which gone waste buy at the same time he has sent his time n hardwork for wrong cause.

  4. This lady must understand that Hindus have been uppressed in their own land and how can we allow dirty,uneducated,uncultured Arabs be glorified.Are the filmi guys have become so stupid that you can not understand public sentiment.Also note that the moral standards of normal hindu is much above the filmimguys who donot mind getting funded by terrorist Dawood Ibrahim.So the likes of Padukone should stop advising and take movies that the majority Hindu likes .Also note that the existence of people who want to glorify or even show mogul thugs are not wanted here.We have enough film.makers

  5. u deepika u also want to distort history.Alaudin kilji is bigot ugly looking fellow why will a rajput lady who is poise even look at that idiot.she gave up her life to save her honour which u pudokone dont have.u dont mind sleep any scoudrl u dont have moral right to protest

    • In the land of free speech and Democratic values ,one has every right to criticise , every right to go against the trend but laws of the land don’t empower one to transgress ,act violently , causing physical and mental agony.This is not a protest but rioting.Should be condemned by one and all.

  6. Better picturise to have national proud. Don’t indulge in showing YOUR ART in demoralizing the countrymen for sake of getting huge money from any UNWANTED SOURCES. Why create wrath among people, May be it Hindus now. What is the guarantee that you will not mock to other silent people. So better stop this kind of picture production. Produce the pictures which have some bravery of Indian is shown. Don’t argue in support of your acts and PRODUCING OF ART FILMS. Baahar apne filmi duniya se acche log hai, tum mat samjo apni aap ko ek bade sudharnewale karke.

  7. It is the fault of we indians who gave them demi god status. They feel they can make any type of film and take any liberty with our history and mythology. Why bansa ki has to take only historical subjects for his pictures? As it is mentioned above the he promised to show it to historians before releasing, he should have done that. It looks ad though hindus are taken for granted by them. If she wants society to be responsible then let her not wear revealing dresses and intimate scenes on screen. It has become a fashion to these files. People to tweet and question PM and his ministry members. These fellows were keeping their mouths shut when congress was there.

  8. Guys u can’t expect wise words from a actress. Film industry running on dawood funds and when these jokers talk about such things, it looks pitty.
    There is no one in padmavati family to defend her. What if somebody makes a film on Bhansali’s mother and then Bhansali will realize how cruel he is and how does it feel to make things fake.
    I really feel sorry for India and sorry for so called intellects and liberals..

  9. Freedom of an artist is not absolute. It should entail responsibility.
    How can one glorify aggressors and invaders on our nation and that too distorting facts. For how long the people will tolerate.
    Please stop glorification of criminals, aggressors and prostitutes by falsification.


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