I’m not dressing for you my love, says Deepika Padukone in response to criticism for red carpet outfit


Deepika Padukone may not have been able to impress the fashion critics in the West, but the actress says as long as she is confident and comfortable in her clothes, she is not bothered about the reviews.


The 31-year-old Bollywood star, who recently received a cold response for her Met Gala appearance, says deciding a look is a team effort and it is not necessary that their choice will always work.

“I think it’s all collective effort, it’s a teamwork.

Like, how we work in films as a team, it’s the same.

“Sometimes you might like what I wear and sometimes you might not like what I wear. And that’s totally OK. I am not dressing for you my (reporter) love, I am dressing for myself. So, as long as I am having fun nothing else matters,” says Deepika.

The actress believes the opportunity to attend a prestigious event like the Met Gala holds more importance than the clothes.

“I have always looked at things as opportunities and what you make of those opportunities. I am sure for Priyanka and me, the opportunity is not about what we are wearing but the privilege of being there at such a big event,” she says.

Deepika says the intention is to always have fun whether it is about what you are wearing or the event you are attending.

“The only time I would truly be concerned would be when my mother or my girlfriends give me flak for something I wore that’s the time I will allow any comment to enter my life,” she adds.

Deepika was talking on the sidelines of L’Oreal press conference here.

The actress will be making her Cannes red carpet debut this year and says she is proud to represent the country at the film festival.

“It’s the same feeling when you are an athlete, you are in the national team and are representing the country.

It’s a similar feeling.

“As far as Cannes specifically is concerned, there is a beauty aspect to being a woman and with being an actor there is a film aspect to it. It’s the best of both worlds,” she adds.

Deepika says she would love to take tips from festival regular Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.

“I have always liked the way she conducts herself. She has represented not just the brand but India beautifully. If I end up seeing her there, of course I will,” she says.

The actress says her team has already started working on her looks for the festival.

“I think the focus is too much on clothes. As women we enjoy getting ready but events are stressful and it’s is all about having fun,” she says.

Meanwhile, Padukone has expressed her displeasure on being mistaken as Priyanka Chopra by foreign media in the West.

She said that it was not only ignorance but racist when the foreign media mistakes her for Priyanka Chopra.

International mediapersons often confuse Deepika for the “Quantico” star and have even addressed her as Priyanka.

“It’s not just about me being offended. It’s you all in this room who should be offended. It’s not just ignorance, it’s also racist.

“Two people of similar colour are not the same people.

So, you as fellow Indians should actually be calling them out and educating them instead of encouraging it,” Deepika told reporters at the L’Oreal event today.

When asked what could be the reason behind this confusion, she says, “Ignorance is ignorance. I feel bad for them.”

Recently Priyanka had said that it was not fair to mistake Deepika for her.

“I guess I’m the most popular brown face that everyone has known. Every brown girl does not look the same. Don’t mistake it. Let’s try and tell us apart. That was not right and it’s not fair. She’s a massive star from India,” she had said.

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