Did Deepika Padukone indeed flash her arm and thigh to titillate followers?


Deepika Padukone may the most followers Bollywood artist on Isntagram, but she is also one of the most trolled actors. In the recent past she’s been trolled for for her ‘inappropriate’ dress and posing with her ex-boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor’s cousins.

On Sunday the actor posted a series of photos on her Instagram page. The photos were from her recent shoot for an e-commerce site to promote the new collection. However, instead of posting the photos in full, she posted them in bits and pieces.

This appears to have irked her followers, most of whom mistook it as an attempt to titillate the users.

For example, one fragmented photo of her exposed leg is in fact the part of her knee-length dress with a high slit.

When seen in full, it look quite a classy outfit, but a part of it gave users an impression that she was out to expose her thigh with an intention to provoke.

Deepika Padukone

Likewise, another part of her photo has only her bare arms, but this too is a part of two full length photos.

Users began to troll her using expletives and casting aspersion on her character. While some said this was an attempt to promote her next movie ‘Padmavati,’ others felt the intention was only to provoke her followers. One user wrote, “This pic is all about thighs.”

There were users who also questioned the her skin complexion asking if she had undergone a treatment to make it fair. One of her followers asked, “wow u obviously had skin lightening treatment stop lying about it seriously. (sic)”



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