Decide if you want Assam to be ruled from Nagpur: Rahul Gandhi to voters


Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday asked voters of Assam to decide if they wanted the state to ruled from Nagpur.

Addressing an election rally in Karbi district, Rahul said that voters must reject the BJP in the Assembly polls because, according to him, if the saffron party came to power, the state will be run from the RSS headquarters in Nagpur or the PMO in Delhi.

Taking a potshot at the BJP’s ‘communally divisive’ politics, Rahul said that BJP will only stoke violence in the state and end the atmosphere of peace ushered in by Congress.

“We want everyone should think and should act for one’s culture, language and that no one is suppressed in the country. What does BJP want in Assam. First they will come and ask for your votes and then Assam will not be run from here, but will be run from Nagpur or the Prime Minister’s Office,” he was quoted by news agency PTI.

Gandhi reminded people that wherever BJP had gone it brought violence and disturbed peace. He cited the example of Haryana where within months of its coming to power there was violence between jats and non-jats.

“The truth is wherever BJP goes, it tries to make people fight with each other. For example in Haryana, for 10 years there was peace and no violence or anger was there when Congress was in power, but within months of BJP coming to power there was violence and jats and non-jats are fighting with each other.

“You have seen what has happened in Gujarat. In Bihar they tried to bring violence before polls and in Assam too they are trying to spread violence. They will end the peace that has come here after violence stopped. They don’t think about you or Assam, they just want to impose one ideology and thought on the entire country, what RSS people say,” he said.

Gandhi also accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of making false promises and said the people of Bihar have sent him packing in a “direct flight” from the state as he failed to fulfil any of the promises made to them during Lok Sabha polls.

While BJP wanted one kind of thought to be imposed across the country it was Congress that took everyone along and did not want anyone to be suppressed irrespective of one’s religion, caste or area, he said.

“If one thought is imposed across the country, what will happen to your language, what will happen to your customs, your history. Because this country is not of anyone or one thought, but crores of people of different languages, history live here and this country belongs to all.

Attacking the Prime Minister and asking people to reject BJP as they did in Bihar, Gandhi said, “the next time Modiji comes to Assam, ask him about the promises he made to you for bringing back black money, tackle price rise, funding of Assam and providing MSP for farmers, ask him as to which promise he has fulfilled.

“Because this question was posed to him by people of Bihar, as he made a lot of promises during Lok Sabha polls and when he returned during assembly polls a few months later, people of Bihar asked about these promises none of which were honoured and said he is ‘deceiver’ and decided to teach him a lesson. They sent him packing to Delhi in a direct flight. Now people of Assam also have to do the same.


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