Death toll rises to 10 as videos of Delhi Police’s complicity with rioters and brutality against protestors inundate social media


The death toll in the ongoing Delhi riots has increased to 10 including one head constable of the Delhi Police, who succumbed to injuries on Monday. Meanwhile, more visuals of Delhi Police’s brutality have emerged showing the men in uniform torturing people of the Muslim community.

Delhi riots

The role of the Delhi Police has come under scrutiny after several videos showed its personnel colluding with the Hindutva rioters to attack those protesting against the controversial Citizenship Amendment Act. In one video, a man was praising the Delhi Police for siding with them as his companions hurled stones by chanting Jai Shri Ram.

In another video, some men in uniform were seen torturing a group of injured men by forcing them to chant India’s national anthem. One cop was seen kicking man lying on the ground with severe injuries as other mocked the azaadi chants of anti-CAA protesters.

Countless other videos have emerged showing the Delhi Police’s brutality against anti-CAA protesters and complicity with the Hindutva rioters. Violence in Delhi erupted soon after BJP’s Kapil Mishra threatened to take the law into his hand in the presence of a senior IPS officer of the Delhi Police.

In one video reportedly from Chandbagh, rioters were collecting and pelting stones in the presence of a cop.

Meanwhile, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has said that cops did not act since they waited for orders from the people higher-up. He told reporters, “Police personnel at the local level have no authority to take action, whether they should fire air or resort to lathi charge in the event someone is found to be doing something wrong. They are able to take action until they receive an order from higher-ups. I’m meeting Amit Shah ji and I will discuss this with the home minister.”

The Delhi Police have said that nearly 50 of its personnel were injured in the violence that engulfed a large part of northeast Delhi for 48 hours. More than 150 civilians too have sustained injuries.


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