DDCA probe: Subramanium seeks ‘best police officers’ to form SIT


Former Solicitor-General of India Gopal Subramanium, tasked by the Arvind Kejriwal-headed Delhi government to inquire into the DDCA affair, has sought the services of “five of the best officers” drawn from the Information Bureau, CBI, and Delhi Police so that he could constitute a Special Investigation Team that would assist him.

In a letter addressed to National Security Adviser Ajit Doval, Subramanium has requested him to “shortlist” and send to him dossiers of “five of the best officers” each from IB, CBI, and Delhi Police, from which he intends to pick his investigating team.

Subramanium has separately written to Kejriwal, seeking names of five “outstanding investigative officers” from the Delhi Anti-Corruption Bureau.

Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal instituted this inquiry based on a letter his government received from the central government (read ministry of sports) that had called upon the Delhi government “to get an investigation into the irregularities of the DDCA done”.

Ajit Doval
National Security Adviser Ajit Doval

While requesting Doval to provide the names of competent officers, Subramanium has given the example of how he had suggested the Justice Wadhwa Commission of Inquiry into the murder of Graham Staines and his two sons.

Subramanium stressed the honesty and integrity of IB personnel, and then “informed” Doval that some of the best brains from Delhi Police, IB and Central Police Forces had probed.

Subramanium said that was an “extremely competent” team, which also comprised the son of a former India prime minister. He, however, pointed out that he came to know about his fact “long after” the conclusion of the inquiry.

“By virtue of your association with the Information Bureau and having been a distinguished police officer, I call upon you for assistance as the chairman of the Commission of Inquiry constituted by the Government of NCT to undertake an inquiry into the affairs of the DDCA and allied matters.

Subramanium stresses that he it was “necessary for me to have the advantage of outstanding members of the investigative force and you would be in the best position to know so many of them”.

“I would leave it to your discretion to choose any officer(s) from any of the other state cadres you believe to be competent,” Subramanium. “You will appreciate that a very good investigation team is necessary for the purpose of such terms of reference particularly when my objective is poised to simply unearth the truth.”

“I request you in your capacity as National Security Adviser and having regard to the fact that some of the disclosures may also pertain to national security, it is important that I must ask you to step in and offer suitably qualified officers who will also be morally endowed to assist the commission,” wrote Subramanium.

After having written to Doval, former Solicitor-General of India informed Kejriwal that he had sought from Doval, a police officer of “considerable experience” to help him constitute the SIT to assist the commission of inquiry.

Giving his reason for approaching Doval, Subramanium explained to Kejriwal that he wrote to him since the central government (read ministry of sports) itself had called upon the AAP’s Delhi government “to get an investigation into the irregularities of the DDCA done”.

“Obviously, this means that the Central Government would render all possible assistance in this regard,” Subramanium wrote in his letter to Kejriwal.

“Knowing the high stature of the NSA and the manner in which the earlier NSA has dealt with security implications, which could also emerge in the course of the inquiry, I think it is only fair that I must have men of character, loyalty, integrity, dispassion, independence, and impartiality. Such officers in the Indian Police Service are not difficult to find. I am sure Mr Doval will honour my request,” Subramanium told Kejriwal. “Similarly, I request you to send the names of five outstanding investigative officers from the [Delhi] Anti-Corruption Bureau with their dossiers.”


  1. This initiative is appreciable. But if it’s time bound manner??? Everywhere in Indian public system, no time is related to any public work!!! It should be changed. Though we know the practice of failure of trio i.e Law&Lawyer&Judge in consistent basis, still we can b hopeful. Let’s see what development we get, how n when????


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