DCW chief to husband on rape remarks: You need to be careful of what you are speaking


DCW Chief Swati Maliwal has advised her husband Naveen Jaihind to employ caution while commenting on crimes against women in future. Reacting to Jaihind’s controversial remarks, Maliwal said that while she respected his sentiments, she did not agree with his choice of words.

DCW Chief

“I sympathise with his anger and pain but I do not sympathise with what he has spoken. I do not agree with his statement and I condemn it. I would suggest to Naveen Jaihind that it is okay that you are feeling angry but when you are in public space you need to control your anger. You need to be careful of what you are speaking,” Maliwal was quoted by PTI.

Expressing his disgust on the brutal gang-rape of Haryana’s CBSE topper and the state’s BJP government’s decision to hand over a cheque of Rs 2 lakh to the victim’s family, Jaihind had said, “The biggest thing is that the victim’s family is offered Rs 2 lakh as compensation. This is like adding insult to injury. I say that BJP leaders should get raped by 10 people. I will give Rs 20 lakh. Are they putting a price tag of Rs 2 lakh for a girl’s modesty? The family wants the rapists to be arrested.”

The state’s BJP government had offered a compensation of Rs 2 lakh, which the victim’s mother had bluntly refused to accept. The victim’s mother had instead demanded the arrest of the 10 people accused of committing brutalities against her daughter, a Class 12 CBSE topper.

One army man is among those who gang-raped the girl. Police have also arrested one main accused, identified as Nishu Phogat.

The victim, a second-year student, was on her way to the coaching when she was attacked a group of men, who dragged her to a nearby field and took turns in raping her. All the rapists, according the girl, were from her village.


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