Days after being transferred, Madhya Pradesh’s IAS officer now asked to explain ‘anti-Modi’ Facebook post


Madhya Pradesh government has asked  one of its IAS officers, Ajay Singh Gangwar, to explain about an ‘anti-Modi’ Facebook post, allegedly being attributed to him.

The Facebook post in question, according to the BJP government, had allegedly talked about calling for a people’s revolution (jan kranti) against Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

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This comes days after Gangwar was transferred by the state’s BJP government for praising India’s first prime minister, Jawaharlal Nehru.

A report in India Express said that an one-line notice had sought Gangwar’s explanation within seven days on an alleged Facebook post dated 23 January, 2015, referring to an opinion piece in the editorial page of Jansatta. The piece, written by a contributor, was critical of Modi’s Make in India.

The 54-year-old civil servant said that he never made any such comments adding that he may have liked the post.

Saying that the alleged post is not on his Facebook timeline, the IAS officer said, ““I will ask them about the source of that post. They probably got it from social media. They are doing this because their action of transferring me for my comments on Nehru boomeranged on them. They are doing this to divert attention,’’

S K Mishra, who is the principal secretary to Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, said that the recent notice had nothing to do with Gangwar’s Nehru post.

Mishra, who also holds the General Administration Department portfolio was quoted by the paper as saying, “The government acted when the anti-Modi post was brought to its notice. It has nothing to do with his comments about Nehru.’

Gangwar had described the action against him on Nehru post as ideological battele adding that it was the BJP government’s prerogative to transfer him.

He had said, “I think it’s an ideological issue. They are promoting certain icons and I was praising someone else (Nehru). What’s wrong in teaching history to the younger generation, which is unaware of his contribution and is forming wrong perceptions about him.”


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