Day after national outrage, while some delete despicable tweets on Digvijay Singh’s daughter, others continue to gloat


On Saturday, Twitter India came under sharp scrutiny for not doing enough against the right-wing trolls, for posting what many felt have been utterly disgusting messages targetting celebrities, who disagreed with the BJP-led central government’s policies.

digvijaya_452x300_61429321661, was the first to report on how BJP supporters on twitter had posted incredibly insensitive tweets poking fun at the sad demise of the senior Congress leader Digvijay Singh’s daughter, Karnika Singh.

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However, far from being humane and sharing the veteran Congress leader’s grief, the trolls, mostly, BJP supporters, took to twitter to make fun of the tragedy while terming it ‘karma.’

Our report had caused unprecedented outrage, both nationally and globally, with many even urging the social media giant to tighten its regulatory system in order to sternly deal with abusive twitter users.

Faced with growing outrage, while some of those mentioned in our report, chose to delete their offensive tweets, others allegedly more rabid in nature, continue to gloat about making fun of a human being’s death.

The user below, known as Abhishek Singh, had posted on Saturday implying that the former Madhya Pradesh chief minister deserved to go through the tragedy.


He was challenged by a user Nikita Khatri, who said that she was ‘contrite’ at being called a citizen of the same country as him.

Pat came the reply from a remorseless BJP supporter, “keep your buffoonery to yourself.this man killed many in Madhya Pradesh,supported Pakistan,terrorists and slapped a soldier (sic)”

However, other users have been quick to delete their controversial posts. Their decision to delete the insensitive tweets, however, are not indicative of their admission of guilt as their timelines continue to be filled with messages replete with hatred and abuses for others.


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