Dalehi’s DANICS and IAS associations are full fledged B teams of BJP: Arvind Kejriwal


Delhi chief minister, Arvind Kejriwal on Thursday made a sensational allegations that the DANICS and IAS officers in Delhi had become the ‘full fledged B teams’ of the BJP.

Kejriwal alleged that both the PMO and LG were instrumental in prompting the DANICS and IAS officers to go on mass leave primarily to scuttle the Delhi government’s ambitious Odd-Even programme, scheduled to be launched on 1 January to curb rising air pollution in Delhi.

The chief minister’s tweets read, “LG personally attended DANICS assn meeting yesterday thro speaker ph. LG in turn was in touch wid Nripendra Misra in PMO. DANICS and IAS associations in Delhi have become full fledged B teams of BJP.”

Kejriwal also said that the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, was using the civil servants to ‘settle personal scores’ against Delhi government adding that the ‘People will be very happy if these officers go on long leave.’

“Government ready to give paid leave. Governance will become honest, smooth n efficient,” he added

Kejriwal’s allegations follow his deputy, Manish Sisodia’s claim that both the PMO and the LG were online during the meeting of DANICS officers association on Wednesday.

The Delhi government had suspended two DANICS officer on Wednesday for refusing to sing cabinet notes.


  1. BJP was already decimated by AAP, now whatever credibility or perception that remains of BJP being differrent from congress is also being decimated, nice to see BJP (Modi) axing his own foot, while congress should take a one way ticket to the moon.

  2. yashodanandan sharma ‏@YashodanandanS 2h2 hours ago
    नववर्ष आपको जुमला मुक्त भाषण,सरकारमुक्त सीबीआई,गतिरोध मुक्त संसद बेनामीचंदा मुक्त पार्टियां भक्तमुक्त राजनीति दे ताकि
    विकास युक्त राष्ट्र हो


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