Crisis at Supertech society in Noida after 100 plus support staff are asked to leave


A crisis of a monumental proportion has taken place at Supertech Emerald Court in Noida after 100 plus support staff were asked to leave without any notice on Tuesday morning.

The support staff included cleaners, maintenance team, plumbers, electricians and gardeners among others.


The development left both the affected staff and residents utterly confused as they noticed a commotion in the housing society. The local police too was called in but cops left after some time.

The staff that Janta Ka Reporter spoke to said that they had no clue why they were asked to leave. One staff member, who appeared visibly scared, said, “We were asked by the Supertech authority, our employer, on Monday evening to turn up to work at 6.30 AM the following day. Usually most of us start our work from 10 AM. No sooner had we arrived in the premises, we were all asked to leave the society. Now you can see that we are standing outside the society.”

Senior estate manager of Supertech, Anuj Pachauri, said that the development was related to the handing over of management charge to the Residents’ Welfare Association. He, however, had no clue why the staff were not informed and they were asked to leave the society without any notice.

All maintenance works have now come to a grinding halt.

One resident said, “The RWA hasn’t informed us before resorting to such extraordinary decision. The RWA has only called for a meeting now. This is utterly ridiculous. The supposed firing of maintenance staff has a huge bearing on us. This despite the fact that we pay for these services through monthly maintenance charge.”

The management at the Supertech has been extremely controversial as residents complained that they were expected to pay both the maintenance charge and RWA fees. This contrary to the standard practice in other societies, where the responsibility to manage the goings on the society is discharged by one single entity.

The Supertech housing society is situated situated in Noida’s Sector 93A.


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