Cow smuggler Santosh Pandey kills police officer in Uttar Pradesh, later arrested

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Police in Uttar Pradesh have arrested the cow smuggler Santosh Pandey and his associate after they ran over an ACP rank officer, Trilok Tiwari, with their truck on 5 August.

Speaking to reporters, Jaunpur SP, Atul Saxena, said that Pandey and his associate had killed the ACP Tiwari on 5 August after he tried to stop their truck smuggling cattle near Badlapur check-post.

Saxena said, “Pandey was smuggling cows and bulls in his truck. When he saw police personnel attempting to stop his vehicle, he ran over ACP Tiwari. Our officer sustained a serious injury, leading to his death on way to hospital. We formed a special task force to arrest the culprits and after three days of efforts, we managed to catch them. The arrested driver and his associate have confessed to smuggling of cows and murder of our officer.”

Astonishingly, the militant Hindutva outfit, Bajrang Dal, has desperately tried to make light of the arrest of two Hindus’ arrest in smuggling of cows and the subsequent murder.

Bajrang Dal has been carrying out a violent campaign primarily against Muslims for their alleged role in smuggling of cows. However, since the latest incident involves two non-Muslims, the militant Hindutva body has gone on defensive.

The Bajrang Dal’s state convener, Ajay Pandey, said that it was wrong to identify the criminals with their religions.

He said, “As far as the involvement of Hindus are concerned, they do such wrong acts in want of more money. Second thing, if he’s a criminal, then criminals don’t have any religion or castes. Those who work in the interest of the country, they are nationalists. But, people who work against the interest of the country, they have no religion. They are not Hindus, Muslims, Christians and Sikhs. They are simply criminals.”

The atrocities by militants belonging to Hindutva outfits against Muslims and Dalits have risen significantly in the recent past. This has led to unprecedented protests by Dalits in Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat, states having considerably high Dalit population.

Concerned over the damaging poll prospects because of Dalit anger, Prime Minister Narendra Modi was forced to break his silence calling those cow protectors attacking Dalits as fake. He, however, did not condemn the terror unleashed by so-called cow protectors against Muslims.



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