Cousin files sexual assault case against actor Jitendra


A case of sexual assault has been filed against actor Jitendra by a person, who claims to be his cousin. In her complaint, the woman has claimed that the actor attempted to rape her when he was 28 while she was 18.


The complaint has been filed at a police station in Shimla. The woman says that she decided to press charges after the death of her parents because if they were alive, they would have been heart-broken by the revelation.

According to the woman, the alleged sexual assault took place in January 1971, when Jitendra visited her family in Delhi and requested to take her to see the shooting of one of his films in in Shimla. It was, according to her complaint, after they arrived in the hotel, when Jitendra allegedly tried to forced himself on her under the influence of alcohol.

She wrote, “As I rested on my side facing the wall, he entered the bed and mounted me from behind with his erect penis. The respondent smelled strongly of alcohol and was naked from the waist down. I tried to push him away but he continued to stimulate himself rubbing his erect penis against my clothed buttocks.”

The actor, who has acted in countless Bollywood movies including Sanjog, Aulad, Majaal, Justice Chaudhry, Mawaali, Himmatwala, Jaani Dushman and Tohfa, is the father of actor Tushaar Kapoor and filmmaker Ekta Kapoor. He also the chairman of Balaji Telefilms.


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