Court in Bihar summons Lord Hanuman, asks him to appear before magistrate


Weeks after an advocate Bihar’s Sitamarhi moved a lower court to file case against Lord Ram highlighting his alleged excesses against his wife Sita, a court on Tuesday served summons to Lord Hanuman.

While serving the summons, the SDM court of Dehri on Sone in Bihar’s Rohtas disctrict asked the statue of Lord Hanuman to appear before the court.

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The notice was hung around the neck of the statue.

According to news agency ANI, this came after the state government’s PWD had filed a petition against the ‘Panchmukhi Hanuman Temple, for encroaching government land disrupting normal lives of the daily commuters in the vicinity.

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Last week, police in Chhatisgarh had arrested a goat because she had grazed in the garden of somebody she didn’t belong to.

This order by a court in Bihar is bound to be criticised as many may view this as a sheer waste of judicial resources.

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  1. I don’t think this is a waste of money at all. The court may not be liked at all by the bigots but it would prove an important case with regard to gender justice in modern India.


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