Court directs Delhi University to bring records of Smriti Irani’s educational qualification


Delhi’s Patiala House Court has directed Delhi University to bring records of educational qualification of HRD Minister Smriti Irani, reports news agency ANI.

A complaint was filed against Irani for allegedly giving false information in affidavits to poll panel.Next hearing on 3 May.

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In June last year, a case was filed by freelance writer Ahmed Khan, who accused Irani of providing contradictory affidavits about her educational qualifications during different elections.

Khan’s lawyer had informed the court that the HRD minister, in her affidavit for 2004 Loksabha elections, stated her educational qualification as BA from Delhi University (school of correspondence). However, while filing affidavit in her Rajya Sabha nomination papers from Gujarat in 2011, she said her highest educational qualification was, Part 1 (correspondence course) from Delhi University.

More to follow


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  1. May 3 2016: DU produced no records, sought more time. Case moved to Aug after summer break. Mallya got 500 postponements and Women should get more.

  2. We saw so much fast action against ppl like tomar for fake degree…
    but when it comes to actress BJP minister Smriti Irani…the case is taking more than a year…and still nothing has progressed???

  3. She has not completed her graduation – she worked where (like selling products etc ) and then left for Mumbai for acting jobs.
    Jhooth ka sahara nahi lena chahiye tha

  4. The most remarkable achievement of Smriti Irani is her staying power. Here is an education minister with no educational qualifications, whose incompetent response to sensitive student issues has embarrassed her own party time after time. Yet, she seems to have so entranced Narendra Modi that he is willing to overlook her histrionics and her frequent foot-in-the-mouth gaffes. As was demonstrated in the JNU incident, she continues to display insensitivity – her crocodile tears in Parliament notwithstanding – toward the emotions and grievances of university students. Moreover, leaving aside the ABVP and Hindutva stalwarts, she is turning public opinion – which is the lifeblood of political parties – against the BJP. It does not even seem to matter that she is providing the Opposition with ammunition to attack the BJP. And I recently read a news report about a move to project Irani as a CM candidate in one of the forthcoming assembly elections. Politics is indeed a strange animal; and none stranger than here in India. God help us all.

    • what your pravaktha got educational qualifications to write a sura like this many illiterate may become ministers. there are IAS officers who guide them , ultimately their advise is followed . now hindutva came against to suppress , loot , rape of hindu women in the dyanasty of the mughul era ,It is quite clear all muslims r against hindus , but we want all nations to merge in UNO without regions religions if u rake this issue, this will continue as disease , she is from other religion mind it before saying something. We want egalitarianism not divisions in the name of religion


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