Couple commits suicide after killing children in Hyderabad


A couple committed suicide after poisoning their two children in Hyderabad on Tuesday, police said.

The incident occurred in Indrajeet Nagar.

Keshava Rao, 36, and his wife Vanaja, 32, hanged themselves after poisoning their children – Deepak, 5, and Nandini, 3.

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Police believe the incident occurred on Monday night. Keshava Rao’s visually impaired mother Chandramma lives in the same house, but she told police that she didn’t know what happened last night.

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The police found the bodies on Tuesday morning after they were alerted by the neighbours.

Police said the couple, who had migrated from Kolkata 12 years ago, resorted to the extreme step due to financial problems. After suffering huge losses in the finance business, Keshava Rao was working as a small trader.

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In his suicide note, he blamed one Subba Reddy for the losses he suffered.


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