IAS officer’s arrest proves that this government will not tolerate corruption: Sisodia


Delhi deputy chief minister, Manish Sisodia, on Wednesday described the arrest of his government’s principal secretary, SP Singh, a ‘very serious matter.’

Talking to reporters at the secretariat, Sisodia said the this arrest serve a lesson to those who were continuing to indulge in corrupt practices despite his government repeated stance of zero tolerance on corruption,

He said, ” When our chief minister Arvind Kejriwal says he will follow the corrupt people till hell, he means it. Whether that corruption is being committed by a minister or a junior staff, we will not spare them. SP Singh’s arrest proves that our government will not tolerate corruption.

“As for SP Singh ji, I too used to receive some hints about him, but there wasn’t any tangible evidence at my disposal. I had even conducted a surprise raid in his office. I had discovered how he employed one security guard wherein on paper he had stated the employment of two security personnel. ”

Sisodia said that his government had been keeping an eye on Singh’s activities since then.

He said, “I’m susprised that he dared to continue with his corrupt practices despite my raid. One JK Vishwas from Kirshnanagar ldoged a serious complaint against him. We contacted the CBI and forwarded the complaint. And yesterday, the CBI trapped him to catch with evidence.”

Sisodia warned those who still thought of developing any hopes of indulging in corruption.

Vishwas too told media that he was thankful to Delhi government for taking note of his complaint. He accused Singh of charging Rs 2000 for every security guard adding that the rate for processing the bill was Rs 1,10,000.

CBI on Tuesday had arrested Singh and his personal assistant for allegedly accepting a bribe of Rs 2.2 lakh from a manpower supplier.

Interestingly, the complaint against the accused Sanjay Pratap Singh, an IAS officer of the 1984 batch, was originally sent to the CBI by the chief minister’s office.

Singh was serving as the principal secretary in the department for welfare of scheduled castes, scheduled tribes and minorities.

Singh was removed from his post on Wednesday after the government told him that gis services were no longer required.


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