Controversy grows after Karnataka IPS officer’s three-word Facebook post


This IPS officer chose one of the most unusual means to announce her shocked departure from the prestigious Indian Police Service. She posted three-word message on her Facebook page saying, ‘Resigned and Jobless.’

An NDTV report said that Anupama Shenoy, a DSP rank officer in Karnataka, was recently transferred allegedly for putting a minister’s call on hold.

This reportedly prompted the officer to announce she was quitting from the force.

Her Facebook message had a smily emoticon attached to it.

The opposition BJP has seized the opportunity to launch an offensive against the Congress-led government in the southern Indian state.

A senior BJP leader Suresh Kumar said, “”Anupama is known for her commitment and efficiency. I think her commitment her efficiency became a hurdle for minister PT Parmeshwar Nayak.”

He added, “And suddenly she has resigned and she’s posting this, hinting that she has to resign because of the political pressure. I think this government should have stood behind a sincere officer, committed officer.”

According to Bangalore Mirror, the Ballari superintendent of police R Chathan told media persons that she had cited personal reasons for the move, but other reports said that the officer had antagonised the Congress party by arresting a few local politicians in connection with a case that involved a liquor shop owner.

Chief Minister Siddaramaiah told reporters that he was unaware of the details even though he heard of her resignation.

He said, “The officers are looking into that. I don’t know about it. She has sent her resignation, they say. It has come to the DG – they will look into it.”

Shenoy was in news in February this year after it emerged that she had put a phone call from labour minister PT Parmeshwar Naik on hold. Slighted, the minister allegedly got her transferred. The transfer led to public outrage and soon enough she was reinstated to her position.


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