Controversy over D Raja meeting Justice Chelameswar, Subramanian Swamy asks ‘so what?’


CPI leader D Raja meeting Justice Chelameswar on the day he along with three other top judges came out to speak to media about judicial crisis in the Supreme Court has caused a fresh controversy.

D Raja

Right-wing channels wasted no time in casting aspersion on the credibility of Justice Chelameswar with many asking why he was meeting a politician while raising an extremely important issue plaguing the Indian judiciary in general and Chief Justice of India in particular.

National Conference’s Omar Abdullah too felt that Raja’s decision to be at his house was ‘ill considered.’

He wrote on Twitter, “I have the greatest regard for D Raja Sahib but this move of his to rush to Justice Chelameshwar’s House was hasty & ill considered. Plays in to the hands of those who want to discredit what the Hon judges said/did.”

However, BJP’s Rajya Sabha MP Subramanian Swamy disagreed and said that there was nothing wrong in Raja being present at Justice Chelameswar’s residence.

He told ANI, “So what? This is not a big thing. D Raja is not just a politician but a member of Parliament as well.”

Raja, in his defence, said, “I have known him for a long time. When I came to know of the extraordinary step taken by him and other judges, I thought must meet him. Not giving it political colour. These are concerns for everybody, it’s about future of country and democracy.”

Four top Supreme Court judges on Friday had taken an extraordinary step when they decided to speak to media against the Chief Justice of India Dipak Misra calling the administration in the top court ‘not in order.

Leading the rebellion was the second most senior senior judge, Justice Chelameswar, who said that ‘in the past few months, less than desirable things have been happening.’

He said, “We’ve told the Chief Justice but our pleas have failed. We don’t want people to say 20 yrs later that we did not take care of the institution. Democracy won’t survive without free judiciary.”



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