Congress suspends Sanjay Jha from party after former spokesperson posts series of tweets in support of Sachin Pilot


The Congress on Tuesday suspended Sanjay Jha from the party after the former spokesperson posted a series of tweets in support of Sachin Pilot, who was sacked both as Rajasthan Deputy Chief Minister and the party’s President in the state.

Sanjay Jha

A statement by the Maharashtra unit of the Congress said that Jha had been suspended for ‘anti-party activities and breach of discipline.’

Jha was earlier removed as a Congress spokesperson after he wrote a column in a newspaper critical of the country’s oldest political party.

Jha had posted a series of tweets mocking the Congress leadership’s decision to sack Pilot after he rebelled demanding his elevation to the post of Rajasthan Chief Minister. In one of his tweets, Jha had said, “For five years Sachin Pilot gave his blood , tears, toil and sweat for the Congress party between 2013-18. The Congress came back from a wretched 21 seats to 100. We just gave him a performance bonus. We are so meritocratic. We are so transparent.”

In another tweet, he asked, “First, Jyotiraditya Scindia. Now, Sachin Pilot. Who next? Watch this space!”

Writing for the Times of India on 7 June, Jha had said, “It is a false claim that there exists a robust internal democratic process that listens to individual voices, and more importantly, is continuously focused on party renewal, political strategy, tactical warfare, leadership development and resuscitation starting at the grassroots, the erstwhile USP of the Congress.”


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