Congress leader Sandeep Dikshit asks Sambit Patra to apologise or face legal action for comments in press conference


Congress leader Sandeep Dikshit on Thursday asked BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra to apologise for his comments made in Thursday’s press conference or face legal action. This was after Patra in a press conference alleged that Dikshit was once expelled by the Congress.
Sambit Patra

News agency ANI quoted Dikshit as saying, “Mr Sambit Patra in his press conference today said that I was once expelled and then taken back in Congress. It is a blatant lie, no such thing happened. I give him 24 hours to apologize or else I will send a legal notice.”

Patra, in his press conference had attacked the Congress for sheilding Michel. He had said, “The Congress party is completely rattled after the extradition of Christian Michel. All Congress leaders were seen sad and rattled. The Congress had sent its legal team to protect Christian Michel. Congress’s Aljo Joseph appeared for him in Court, they later went through the charade of removing him. There is a family in Congress, which is is getting sleepless nights.”

He had then referred to Joseph’s expulsion from the Congress on Wednesday calling it a drama created by the latter. “As far as removing Alji K Joseph from the party is concerned, we’ve seen this drama during Mani Shankar Aiyar’s time, we’ve seen this drama concerning Sandeep Dikshit also. They (Congress) first expel (these leaders), then they promote them by appointing secretaries etc after elections are over. On Sandeep Dikshit, Prime Minister spoke about it only few days ago. He’s been promoted,” he continued.

Patra launched a personal attack against the Congress leader by seemingly invoking the Italian roots of Sonia Gandhi when he said that this a ‘A calculated move by Congress to see to it that mama Christian Michel is protected.’

Michel was brought from Dubai on Tuesday night in connection of alleged kickbacks in the purchase of Rs 3,600 crore AgustaWestland VVIP helicopter case. The Congress had expelled Joseph from the party it emerged that he was associated with the Youth Congress.


  1. It is shame for political leaders who promote such shameless persons who get deep into mud and start throwing it around on others. If this proceeds for more period time is fR Away when Parliament will become house of mads indulging in shameless acts without taking into account prestige of Parliament


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