Congress condemns BJP for comments on Shah Rukh Khan


The Congress on Wednesday condemned BJP general secretary Kailash Vijayvargiya’s remarks on Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan.

The party also condemned the “anti-national” tag given to Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) by RSS mouthpiece “Panchjanya”.

“Shah Rukh Khan expressed his concren and independent opinion as a citizen of the country. The general secretary of the BJP raised questions on his nationality and doubted his patriotism. Whatever was said yesterday, the more we condemn it, less it is. What message are they giving to the people?” Congress spokesperson Anand Sharma told media persons.

Vijayvargiya on Wednesday retracted his comment against Shah Rukh’s statement on “extreme intolerance in India”, saying his words were misconstrued.

He earlier wrote that while Shah Rukh stays in India, his heart and mind were always in Pakistan, and that while his films make millions in India, the 50-year-old actor still finds “extreme intolerance” in the country.

“An RSS-linked magazine also made a comment about the prestigious university Jawaharlal Nehru University. It said the university produces anti-nationals. We totally condemn this.

“Whoever tries to voice dissent against the BJP or the Sangh Parivar, such comments are made against them. We are committed to uphold the democratic values of the country and we’ll will fight to the hilt against forces which challenge it,” said Sharma.

“We have been deeply anguished over the manner in which the government has been heaping insults on all those who have been complaining because of the happenings in the country. These incidents have created an environment of fear and intimidation.

“India’s liberal democracy is under assault by forces who believe in regimentation, who believe in a kind of uniformity which is unacceptable to our pluralistic society with its richness of diversity,” he added.

Sharma also attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his silence.

“The BJP leaders and their parent organisation, mouthpieces, journals are tearing apart in a very planned manner and orchestrated campaign the preamble of India’s Constitution.

“The PM must explain is he conscious of his constitutional duties and will he action take action against those who are guilty of doing what is not permissible as per the constitution.

“By not taking action until now, the PM has not set something which is meaningful and reassuring.

“If he is sincere, what prevents the PM from removing such people from the government and MPs from his party and also take action against those who are not in Parliament but are senior functionaries of the BJP. His cosmetic regrets cannot be-fool the people of India.

“By his inaction, he is a tacit endorser of this environment of conflict and intolerance that has been crafted by his colleagues,” Sharma added.


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