Congress, AAP accuse BJP of horse trading as political crisis in Uttarakhand deepens


Amidst raging political crisis in Uttarakhand, the state chief minister, Harish Rawat, said that he will resign if he failed to prove majority.

He told reporters, “If I lose majority on the floor of the House, I shall resign.”

His statement came after reports emerged that 35 MLAs including 9 rebels from Rawat’s Congress party, had travelled to the national capital in a chartered plane on late Friday night.

Expressing confidence of forming the next government in Uttarakhand, the BJP said that it was ready for fresh polls as Rawat had lost majority in the state, adding that it would now wait for governor K.K Paul’s reply on the concerned matter.

BJP leader Vijayvargiya told ANI, “35 MLAs have come to Delhi who will meet the BJP president today. Also, they will go to the President (Pranab Mukherjee) if needed. We have told the Governor that we have the majority and asked him to allow us to form the government there. The Governor said that he would ask for a report from the government and consider the matter. We are ready for election… We will wait for the Governor’s reply.”

Congress leaders were quick to slam the Narendra Modi government for deliberately seeking to destabilise non-BJP governments in states.

Congress’ head of communications, Eandeep Surjewala said, “First, elected governments are destabilised by a sinister conspiracy and then they are sought to be unseated without the will of people. First Arunachal and now Uttarakhand.Modi ji and Amit Shah ji are trying to destablise Opposition’s government, particularly Congress Party’s government.”

Meanwhile, Congress also received support from the Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal, who accused the BJP of horse trading.

He said, “Brazen horse trading-first Arunachal now Uttarakhand. BJP proving to be most corrupt, deshdrohi n power hungry party.”


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