Confession of Maharashtra minister, says sends ‘packets’ to get news published


In an embarrassing confession of encouraging the phenomenon called paid media, a senior cabinet minister of Maharashtra government has said that politicians regularly sent ‘packets’ to journalist to get favourable news published or broadcast.

A small video of Maharashtra minister Eknath Khadse’s confession is being shared on social media.

In the 23 seconds video, Khadse is seen saying in Marathi, ” It’s not that we (politicians) don’t do anything to get our photos printed in newspapers. We do many things to get our photos and news published. When we realise there’s no news (about us in papers and channels), then we frantically ask (our staff) why there’s no news. Have you not sent the packets (to journalists) for the news?”

India media has often come under sharp scrutiny for its alleged lack of ethics with critics accusing it of having sold its conscience for money.

Khadse is the Minister of Revenue,Agriculture,Excise
and Minority Affairs in Maharshtra government headed by Devendra Fadnavis.

(Video: TV9, Translation by @BhayankarLog)



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