Condom fame BJP MLA once ‘threw’ money on dancers


A day after BJP MLA Gyandev Ahuja lectured India on the deteriorating standard of morality on the JNU campus, photos of him allegedly throwing money on dancers at a private party have gone viral.

A report published by Rajasthan Patrika said that it had accessed several photos of a private party, where Ahuja can be seen throwing notes on dancers and singers.


On Tuesday we reported how this MLA was an envy to mathematicians around the world with his attention to detail being impeccable.

Gyandev Ahuja had said that 2000 bottles of liquor and 3000 condoms were being used on the JNU campus every day. The genius politician also counted number of bones thrown out by students after they’ve eaten non-veg food.

He said 50,000 pieces of bones, 500 used abortion injections and 10,000 cigarette ‘pieces’ were found on the campus adding that the JNU girls and boys danced naked at cultural programmes.

Embarrassed by his statement, the BJP President Amit Shah had summoned him to explain his controversial statement on Wednesday.


  1. It would be great if that BJP MLA who counted the condoms would submit a report on how many were used by ‪#‎ABVP‬ and how many by ‪#‎JNSU‬…. The nation wants to know

    Also coming soon… ‪#‎ModiCondom‬, which will define your nationality

  2. BSP Chief
    Mayawati alleged the NDA government has branded JNU as “anti-national”
    to implement the “extreme and offensive agenda” of RSS and termed as
    “political conspiracy” the arrest of JNU students’ Union president
    Kanhaiya Kumar on sedation charges.

    She also said the role of
    central minister or central government after the suicide of Scheduled
    Caste student Rohit Vemula in Hyderabad to JNU has been very negative,
    which was indicative of “a very dangerous trend”.

    In one stroke,
    the BJP led government has branded the prestigious institution like JNU
    as anti-national in order to implement the extreme and offensive agenda
    of the RSS.

    1% chitpawan brahmins of intolerant Rowdy Swayam
    Sevaks after tampering the fraud EVMs which they opposed when the Bahuth
    Jiyadha Paapis were in opposition and wanted to revert to paper ballots
    are now silent

  3. The
    Sarvajans must be alert not to be used by the 1% chitpawan castiest
    brahmin political party leaders who shed crocodile tears. Such leaders
    are in Bahuth Jiyadha Paapis, Congress and Communist Parties of this
    country who indirectly support Murderers of democratic institutions

    Research Scholars, Intlectuals, students and all youth of
    99% Sarvajans including SC/STs/ OBCs/Minorities, poor brahmins and
    baniyas must not go to the streets but start their own Insight-network
    to own websites, blogs, electronic media to counter as the 1% chitpawan
    brahmins who are waiting to kill them.

    Manyawar Kanshiramji
    through his political Transformation movement united the
    SC/STs/OBCs/Minorities to enable Ms Mayawati to acquire the Master Key
    of UP. But the leaders of other backward castes either allied with the
    Congress or the BJP for their selfish and their family welfare by
    fooling their own helpless caste people denying their self respect
    honour and dignity and they dont open their mouths against the fraud
    EVMs. Each caste leadrer has its own media and TV channels just to
    praise themselves and to create their kith and kin as the next CM but
    not PM.

    All the Students of Sarvajans must practice Insight
    meditation throughout their lives following all the good and positive
    precepts to shed fear in different postures of their bodies – sitting,
    standing, lying, jogging, cycling, swimming, boxing, wrestling Kalari
    Arts, Martial Arts, Kung fu, Karate, Judo, and also acquire licensed
    weapons from the authorities concerned for their self-defense from
    dreaded wild animals including the wild and violent Rowdy Swayam Sevaks
    who practice all their life with weapons to bury Awakened One’s
    teachings and Techno-politco-social transformation movement with out
    knowing that they are seeds that sprout as Bodhi Trees.

  4. This country’s EVMs are
    Vulnerable to Fraud-Contrary to claims by our country,s election
    authorities, the paperless electronic voting systems used in India
    suffer from significant vulnerabilities. Even brief access to the
    machines could allow criminals to alter election results.


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