Complaint filed against singer Papon for inappropriately kissing child contestant


A Supreme Court lawyer has filed a complaint against popular singer Papon for inappropriately kissing a child contestant while also applying colours onher face.

Lawyer Runa Bhuyan, said in his complaint, “I am shocked to see the behaviour of the said singer Angarag Papon Mahanta towards a minor girl where he is seen to be applying colours on a minor girl and inappropriately kissing the said girl. On seeing the video, I am seriously concerned regarding the safety and security of minor girls participating in reality shows across India.”

Partha Gogoi, Papon’s manager, was quoted by Guwahati Plus website, “The act was not meant to hurt the sentiments of any individual, and that it was not wrong in any manner, which is why they see no reason to pull down the video from the official Facebook page of Papon.”

His manager was told India Today, “”A person will not put anything against him on public domain for anybody to pick it up and make it a complaint. It is very unfortunate, that a lawyer who has done this – maybe it is her mindset. But the fact remains that this kind of compassion, affection should not be constitute. The singer is quiet disturbed by the whole incident.”

&TV, where the reality show is broadcast, too issued a statement defending the singer. It said, “We as a channel have always been focused on the safety, security and well-being of the contestants participating in our shows. We have always adhered to the NCPCR guidelines and our production house, Essel Vision Productions Limited has taken all precautionary measures required under NCPCR and other laws. We believe in nurturing talent with utmost sensitivity and care while we provide them the platform to showcase their aptitude. As a responsible channel, we are extending complete support to all parties who are impacted by this incident and will stand by them to help them through this situation.”

The alleged incident took place during a Facebook live session by Papon, who was surrounded by the contestants of the reality show, Voice India Kids, where he’s one of the judges.


  1. Reality shows are becoming unpleasant and very uncomfortable to watch. The complaint is a positive step to draw attention towards obscenity in TV shows


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